Does your household use medical sharps for a family member’s health condition? If so, don’t throw them in the garbage. Improper disposal could put household members, pets, housekeepers, janitors and municipal workers at risk of being harmed by needle stick injuries. Instead, take them to your local pharmacy that participates in the HPSA return programs. By doing this you ensure the proper collection and disposal of these items. Do your part in protecting the environment. It’s easy and free.

What products can
I return to pharmacies?


In ON, MB and PEI any used medical sharps (needle, safety-engineered needle, lancet or other similar instruments that are designed to puncture the skin for medical purposes) is accepted.

Not Accepted

  • Glucose meters
  • IV bags
  • Cotton swabs
  • Any other components

How to return

Visit your local participating pharmacy to receive an approved sharp container free of charge. Once you have your container follow these steps:

  1. Recap needles and drop or place into an approved sharp container. DO NOT OVERFILL.
  2. When ready to return, permanently close the container by inserting the tab into the opening to secure the lid down.
  3. Take back the secured container to a participating pharmacy.

Thank you for playing your part in protecting the environment.

Find a drop-off location


      Improper disposal (flushing, pouring down the drain or throwing in the trash) of medications and other health products such as medical sharps, has potential harmful effects on the environment. HPSA return programs help keep these materials out of our natural environment (landfills, ground and surface water, etc.) by properly disposing of them. Together with consumers, pharmacists, and producers across Canada we have a beneficial impact on our environment.

      Health & Safety

      Keeping easily accessible medications and medical sharps devices around the house, and/or improper disposal of these products, puts family members, pets, garbage and municipal workers, janitors an housekeepers at risk of being harmed. HPSA return programs facilitate the safe management and disposal of used, expired or unwanted products ensuring the health and safety of those in our communities.

      More Questions?

      Happy World Pharmacists Day 2020! Thank you for your support!