• A service provider will be notified to perform the supply and pickup at your location within 10 business days.
  • Minimum delivery of four (4) new items is required to schedule a service.
  • Containers and boxes must be full before requesting a pickup (no more than 23 kg per MRP container and 12 sharps containers per box).
  • Please keep a copy of the automated email receipt and the associated courier receipt on file at your pharmacy.

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  • Includes: 24 sharp containers, 2 liners, 4 cytotoxic labels, 2 flat return boxes
  • Includes: 2 flat return boxes & 2 liners only
  • Includes: 1 container, 1 lid, 1 liner & zipties
  • Minimum 4 items is required. When this calculated field is correct, you will see submit button.
  • Pick-up Request

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  • Approx. 12 sharp containers per box
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