What Is EPR?

Extended Producer Responsibility, or EPR, is an environmental policy approach in which a producer’s responsibility for a product extends to the post-consumer stage of its life cycle.​ Post-consumer stage refers to waste that individuals would typically discard. EPR regulations in Canada are provincially regulated under ministries of the Environment.

Regulation By Provinces​

In all regulated provinces, obligated parties must have an approved stewardship plan, developed individually or by joining a PRO such as HPSA.

A stewardship plan is a document detailing the manners in which the producer intends to develop and operate a collection system for regulated products, to comply with regulations. This document needs to be submitted and approved by the provincial Ministry of the Environment or a provincial oversight agency (Recyc Quebec or Recycle New Brunswick).

Current EPR Regulations for Medications and Medical Sharps by provinces

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Obligated Parties​

Under EPR regulations, provincial definitions of the obligated party differ slightly. In its current approved programs, HPSA’s position is that the obligated party is the brand owner of the product brand or the trademark.

In Quebec, the obligated party is the brand owner with

If a brand owner does not fulfill the above conditions, the first supplier with a domicile or an establishment is obligated.

Obligated Products​

In provincial regulations, obligated products include medications and/or medical sharps.

A Medication means:

In Ontario, New Brunswick, and Quebec, medications for companion animals are also included.

A Medical Sharp means a needle, safety engineered needle, lancet, or other similar instrument that is designed to puncture the skin for medical purpose and includes anything affixed to the medical sharp.

Why Join HPSA?​

Established by producers, HPSA develops, submits and manages stewardship programs on behalf on its members.

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