Returning Medications

If you look in your medicine cabinet, chances are you’ll find expired or unused medications. From tablets you bought just in case you got sick on a trip to the leftover cough syrup to pain medications you didn’t use up to those old birth control pills. Don’t flush, pour down the sink or throw medications in the garbage. Taking any of these actions can put your family, pets, your community and the environment at risk. Instead, dispose of them safely by taking them to a Collection Location that participates in HPSA’s free take back program.

How to return unwanted medications

Step 1

Identify unwanted medications by checking the expiry dates and consulting with your doctor. Always ensure your medications are stored in a locked area.

Step 2

Transfer medications such as tablets into a clear bag but keep liquids and creams in their original containers while removing your personal information. Do not mix medical sharps and medications.

Step 3

Find a local participating collection location on the Drop-Off Location Map.

A guide To Return Unwanted Medications

What's Included?

What's Not Included?

Do not return medical sharps, syringes, needles with medications. Click here to find out how to return medical sharps.

More Questions?

Quebec pharmaceutical products' take-back program is officially launched. Find a collection location near you.