Safely return
unwanted medications
and medical sharps.

Why return? You can make a difference. Improper disposal of medications and medical sharps is potentially harmful to people, animals and the environment. HPSA is a not-for-profit organization responsible for the effective and safe collection and disposal of unused and expired consumer health products. 


Responsibly return unused and expired prescription drugs, over the counter medications and natural health products to participating pharmacies.

Medical Sharps

Responsibly return used and unwanted medical sharps devices to participating pharmacies. They will provide you with a safe collection container free of charge.


Have questions about our programs? Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) received by HPSA.


Improper disposal (flushing, pouring down the drain or throwing in the trash) of medications and other health products such as medical sharps, has potential harmful effects on the environment. HPSA return programs help keep these materials out of our natural environment (landfills, ground and surface water, etc.) by properly disposing of them. Together with consumers, pharmacists, and producers across Canada we have a beneficial impact on our environment.

Health & Safety

Keeping easily accessible medications and medical sharps devices around the house, and/or improper disposal of these products, puts family members, pets, garbage and municipal workers, janitors and housekeepers at risk of being harmed. HPSA return programs facilitate the safe management and disposal of used, expired or unwanted products ensuring the health and safety of those in our communities.

Our Impact

HPSA return programs are the safe and easy way to dispose of consumer health products we all have in our homes. On behalf of producers, we educate and encourage consumers on the responsibility of safely disposing of these products before they are thrown in the garbage, poured down sinks, flushed or misused by others. There is no charge to the public as the programs are funded by the health products industry. 

Our initiatives have reduced the impact of health care products on the environment. Below are a few numbers we’d like to share with you. 

Kgs of medications collected since inception
Kgs of medical sharps collected since inception
Participating Pharmacies
Member Producers​
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